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The Karma and its law.

How to heal and transmute it.

Too many often we happen to read some articles or books related to the karma and written in a traditional way. However, all that we can find out from most of them, is a historic review of the term Karma.
In this article, we are going to talk about the karma in a totally different way.


Emotions, mind and Soul.
The human being exists simultaneously on different levels of awareness.
A man is a complex being made of each of these levels, and every level correspond to a diverse kind of body.
The most evident man's component is the so called personality, which concerns the physical body, the etheric body (which manages the energies that keep the physical body alive), the astral body (which manages emotions), and the mental body (which manages concepts, logical functions, thoughts, opinions and mental patterns, both in conscious and unconscious sphere).
However, beyond these levels which constitute the personality, there are others.
The most well-known of these, is the so-called Soul
But what is Soul?


The Soul and its age.
Soul is the level of the "I". It's a Being who realizes to exist as an "I", who can think as an "I", even though aware of the Oneness.

Each man has fully experienced the level of the Soul before deciding to incarnate on Earth or on other world. It is the Soul who decides to incarnate.

What origins the Souls is beyond time and is common for all the Souls, however Souls do not have the same age.

It is possible to imagine the origin of Souls as the generation of ocean waves: each wave which reaches the shore follows the previous. In the Ocean of the Source, each wave generates a group of souls.

Souls generated with an old wave, are older than souls generated with a recent wave. We all belong to the Source and are eternal, but as a Soul, we can have different ages and, subsequently, different awareness.   KARMA

Dorje Shiayvam AtothasWho has started before, has done a longer journey and has gained a higher level of awareness. You might not notice this aspect in a person that you know and see in everyday life, but the level of awareness resides in depth, at unconscious levels (each person has the possibility of recovering that awareness and bring it to the conscious level during the life with the aid of study, meditation, consideration and spiritual pathways.  In the case this work is not performed  the Soul keeps on growing and raising its frequency, but on the other hand the personality - intended as the interaction of mind, emotions and physical body - can remain disconnected from the Soul, even though if this Soul is very ancient).

Returning to our main topic, we have to keep in mind that the soul starts a journey through experience in substantial dimension, subjected by several laws and, above all, by duality.


Duality and law of cause-effect.

Duality means space and time, means to think as an "I" in opposition to a "you", but even in opposition to a "him" or a "her", realizing a sexual difference.

The soul has to use its mental body to learn a lot of concepts and to give a name to everything. At the same time, since a lot of emotional energies are perceived by its astral body, the mind seeks to avoid the chaos and to put them in order; so, it connects these emotional energies to specific concepts and ideas.

It's the beginning of the choice and of the so-called free will.

Furthermore, every choice is always preceded by judgment.

The soul, which after the human birth has forgotten its origin, looks for its lost completeness (the union with the Source) outwards.

The child seeks to merge himself with the external world, and that is the moment in which things, minerals, vegetables, objects, people are judged.

The mind - subjected to the patterns of the collective mind and other sort of programs - has directed the emotional energies of happiness, eros, repugnance, fear, anger to certain qualities that the child has fought in the world and has already memorized in his mind.  KARMA

From that moment onwards, he is a dual being. He will like something or someone, and he will not like something else or someone else. This is the choice of the conscious mind. All the remainder is thrown in the unconscious side.

The personality becomes like a battery, that always has a positive pole and a negative pole. It could not work without the negative pole. KARMA

So, the human being judges and (after having judged) decides.

The Tao Te Ching teaches us that if a person finds a thing or a person attractive, for sure that person will consider something or somebody else repugnant (no matter if with anger or fear).

It's an automatic programming process. Each person carries in her/his mind a set of qualities considered attractive, and a set of other qualities considered repugnant.

Each decision is the result of a deliberation aimed to obtain something that seems useful, it doesn't matter if it's for himself, for the community or for all the world. It can be the eating of a fruit if the person is hungry, or the sexual union with another person that appears as attractive, or even the decision to join to an ideological or activist group. In any case, it's something that the single person wishes.

The decision is mainly taken by the conscious side of the mind, but - as we said before - the unconscious part also exists. At this point, the explanation becomes more complex and difficult.


The creative power of thought.

Thought (both conscious and unconscious) has an enormous creative power.

If it often seems that people trying to utilize the positive thought laws fail, it is because there are two sources of thought working together in the person, in opposition each other.

Conscious mind materializes its wishes. Unconscious mind emanates some opposite energies that balance and nullify the creative work.

When you desire something, you are also afraid of not being able to accomplish your goal. You can feel this fear consciously, or you can retain it in your subconscious side.

When you've gained what you wanted, you are afraid of losing it.

In the ordinary person, there is always such a fear. It's often unconscious, but - being connected with emotional energy - it runs autonomously as an engine and projects in the ether the failure of the desired experience.

A fight will take place between the creative thought (conscious mind) and its counterpart. The stronger one will win.

The same thing happens when a person is afraid of taking a certain decision for different reasons, both conscious and unconscious.

As far as the unconscious reasons are concerned, we have to learn that each soul brings in itself the memory of each previous life on Earth or on other planes.

In each life, decisions are taken and - before - judgments are made.

When a soul ends a life (it happens at the moment of the death), it undergoes a journey to higher planes, where it can revise the past experience in a higher state of consciousness, although those dimensions are even so conditioned by duality.

The soul realizes that it could act in a "better" way, and can feel guilty. At that point, the soul (which judges itself, even if it should not do it) wishes to heal its unbalanced condition of pain, and decides to keep on with incarnations. The guilt won't emerge in the conscious mind of the child, but the person will feel a subtle discomfort during several experience of his life. He will feel a sort of obstacle in taking certain decisions. In other cases, things will go wrong again and again without a reasonable explanation.

In truth, in all these cases, the misfortune is due to (and created by) something that resides in the unconscious part of that person. Something that autonomously emanates creative power in order to stop the creations emanated by the conscious mind.

Someone will tell to this person that misfortune doesn't exist. Others will speak about karma.

Well, this is karma. A creation of yours.

The process works similarly in case of luck. The Soul and the whole personality, at their respective levels (conscious and unconscious side) are pleased with their the past actions, and agreed to help the personality to achieve what it desires. The two engines (conscious and unconscious mind, and the whole soul) work together.


What we have said can easily explain how a karmic effect can occur in the same life in which it was generated.

For example, if I hardly disapproved someone with offensive mood (acting necessarily in force of a judgment about, for example, people like that), two years later I could meet a person who could do the same with me, in order to make my conscious mind understand how my "victim" could have felt. It happens in the same life because the Soul never stops monitoring experience and actions. It's not necessary to end the current life and to go up to review all our actions. Some of them are judged immediately and the engines are reprogrammed immediately.


It'll be clear, at this point, that karma can be healed. You won't heal it with a single healing session, as if you were healing a receiver with Reiki.

A serious and deep work has to be undertaken. No matter how long it will last.

It can be summarized in a sentence: "Find your Soul and merge with it".

This work will have to find out the unresolved questions that the person brings on the unconscious level of the personality (body, emotions, mind) but also at the level of the Soul if necessary. Then, these aspects will have to be merged and transmuted, in order to dissolve each extreme emotion and reach a condition of balance, in which there isn't a plurality of subjects, but one single Subject willing: the Soul, using - as an instrument - the personality.

Each bond to the past (of that single life or of all past lives) has to be cancelled so that no guilty may emerge. Each bond to its Ego (pride, respectability) has to be dissolved. After all this, the soul is free, can manifest itself without obstacles and no matters will prevent what the soul desires.

Only at that point, karma is totally deleted.


Dorje Shiayvam Atothas



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