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Amethyst Reiki

Levels: 3

Symbols: 2 (in 2nd Level)

Founder: Dorje Shiayvam Atothas Vajrachārya (Italy) - 2009

1st level Usui / Komyo Reiki required in advance.


"This remote attunement was very different from the previous ones.
I felt Love.
I immediately felt the presence of Quan Yin.
Then, I saw Goddess Kali and She seemed to be dancing.
In addition, I sensed the presence of Tara: when I saw Her, I immediately thought this name.
I also had the vision of Kurukulla.
Then, I saw some beautiful waterfalls, that gave me a wonderful feeling of life and purity.
At a certain time, I saw a beautiful woman with black skin and curly black hair, accompanied by two or three children. She was standing on the top of a high rock near a waterfall.
The woman was looking to the sky. Thus, the clouds began to take the shape of an entry.
Immediately, a hole appeared behind the clouds. I could not see clearly what might be behind the gate.

I could see flashes of lightning.

Then I saw something metal behind the gate.
Subsequently, that metallic object took the shape of a men's statue and became alive. I felt that the Man could see everything outside with the Spirit.
He was both inside and outside.
After a few moments, I heard a loud noise that seemed to say:
'Shiwa, Shiwa, Shiwa', and I heard it many times ...
the pronunciation was very elongated and round, like 'Sheeeeeewwaaaaaahh'.
Behind this Great Being (whose name I thought was "Shiva", but the noise  said "Shiwa" ), I saw Jesus Christ.
Christ spoke to me and I felt a very strong love.

He said to me: 'You can ask for help from your Older Brothers, but your prayer must be directed only to God'.

I saw some symbols, too.

It was a great experience".     (S.B.  -  Italy  - attuned to 1st Level of Amethyst Reiki).

Amethyst Reiki

Amethyst Vajra

Amethyst Reiki is a part of Amethyst Yoga.

This Reiki System uses a full - spectrum energy, with a prevalency of Violet Ray (60%) and Green Ray (20%).

It's pretty useless to try to recharge batteries or to increase your energy with Amethyst Reiki if you feel tired.

In these and similar cases, you can heal yourself with Usui, Komyo and Kundalini Reiki.

Energies of Amethyst Reiki can be utilized for any need, but the aim of Amethyst Reiki is alchemical transmutation: a progressive work intended to dissolve mental and emotional patterns, that generally make the human being to live in a semi-hypnotic state.

Amethyst Reiki is conceived to penetrate, "cut", purify and trasmute each substance, by penetrating in each structure of multidimensional human being: physycal body, or etherical, astral, mental and causal bodies.

Amethyst reiki is also conceived to deprogramming wrong thougts and patterns that are cause of several energetical blockages.

This system has an its own self-healing procedure with a meditation practice and an emotional self-healing, but it can be implemented with other practices.

Amethyst Reiki

First Level: for healing yourself, other persons, animal and objects with your hands. You can also perform advanced self healing for trasmutating emotions.


Second Level: for distance healing and other advanced works with DNA, past lives, reconnection, ecc.


Third Level: it's the Master level, for attuning others.




Amethyst Reiki isn't only an energy, but it's a method for working on itself. Healing sessions are done in meditation with Masters of Light.


Actually, I can give 1st Level attunement. The recipient will receive remote attunement in date and time that will be planned.


Price for First or Second level attunement: 30,00

Amethst Reiki


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I've been teaching Reiki since 2007, but Reiki, for me, is only a way to do my job: being a Guide for people in search of knowledge, with the help of Ascended Masters.
Our concern is to teach how to break free from the chains of ignorance, fear, desire, ego and to achieve what is called "enlightenment."

For the moment, if you're interested in reading my texts, you will be satisfied with Google translations.

However, Amethyst Reiki manuals have been translated into English.




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Amethyst Reiki method

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